Over the years, videos have become a very powerful and beneficial source for promoting your business. As social media is emerging to be the mainstream media, companies and businesses are now focusing on advertising their products on various platforms. So, if you are planning to promote your business online, you must begin by making a promotional video. According to a Twitter data analysis report, prospects are more likely to engage with video advertisements instead of text or pictures because videos can provide more insight into the product in an engaging way.

Video marketing, if done right, can be a great way to boost your business and build up brand recognition. But if done wrong, it can be more hindering than profiting. Here are some tips for making a good business promotional video.


Make an Outstanding Title and Intro

The title and the intro are probably the most vital parts of a video. The title must be interesting enough to catch the customer’s attention and you must also add relevant keywords in the title for it to appear on different search engines when the customer searches for the topic. The intro is the key to the story you are willing to tell. Marketing experts suggest that you only have the first five seconds of your video to grab the viewer’s attention. So if your intro stands out and viewers like what they are seeing, they will most likely continue watching the video.


Educate Your Audience

One of the best ways to make your video interesting is to educate the viewers by offering advice and tips. If your product is different, you can add mini engaging tutorials to help the customer understand better. You can also provide information during the video in an engaging way by posing questions throughout the video to make it look like a conversation with the prospect.


Do Not Sell

When you are selling something, the first thing that comes in the prospect’s mind is, “oh, I have to pay for it.” People love using products but hate buying. It is highly recommended that you do not make it look like you are selling something. For example, instead of the word ‘buy’ use ‘own’. Likewise, your video must be focused on the mission of your product instead of sales.


Be Professional but Don’t Be Boring

Keep your video straight to the point and do not stall your viewers by straying from the purpose of the video itself. There is a thin line in making something interesting and making it boring. One of the best ways to kill the boring is by adding humor to your video. It is a misconception that corporate videos cannot be humorous. On the contrary, humor makes videos entertaining, lighter and interesting to watch.


Secret to A Successful Video

Marketing experts say that using persuasive words can make customers into buying your product. You need to make it look natural. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

  • Focus on the customer rather than your brand. So, instead of saying ‘We’, you should always say and emphasize on the word ‘You’. It is a very strong and persuasive word that keeps the customer’s attention attached to the subject.
  • Bring the latest and up to date product to the table. People are more likely to buy a new product with the latest features instead of something that already exists. So using words like ‘New’ and ‘Latest’ can help in that matter.
  • Offer a free sample if you can and also use emphasize the ease of access by saying words like ‘Now’.


Do Not Compromise on Production Quality

You are advised not to be a perfectionist because you’re not making a Hollywood movie but always make sure the quality of production is great.

  • Use a professional voice so the viewers can understand it clearly. You should also do voice-overs and audio editing for good sound quality in the final product.
  • Your video must always follow a storyline that keeps the viewer connected. Have a professional scriptwriter to write the story that you’re willing to tell.
  • Make sure the video is well produced like the camera position, lighting, having a subtle piece of music, etc.

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