Contact lenses are in incredibly popular and practical choice for many of us. But did you know that they are actually classified as a medical device and therefore require a prescription? That even extends to lenses that are not being worn for vision correction. It’s important therefore to always have an initial eye examination with an eye care specialist before you go ahead and invest in corrective lenses. They will be able to asses your general eye health, as well as specifically checking for nearsightedness (myopia) farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Once your prescription (how to read your contact lens prescription) has been established, you can then choose to purchase contact lenses online for more convenience.

New to Contact Lenses? Here’s What you Need to Know.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses, then it’s important that you familiarise yourself with how to look after your contact lenses first. Once you get the hang of handling them, they’re super convenient and could end up giving you a new lease of life, especially when it comes to participating in sporting activities.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know to ensure the most comfortable and hygienic experience wearing your new low cost contact lenses.

Recommended Wearing Schedule

Perhaps one of the crucial points to get across is that contact lenses are only designed to be worn for specific periods. Be sure to adhere to the recommendations provided by your eye care professional who should have provided you with a schedule of how often to wear and replace your lenses depending upon whether you’ve opted for daily disposable, monthly lenses or a different type. Any unworn or spare lenses should be discarded after the prescribed expiration date or wearing period.

Handling Contact Lenses

The most vital aspect of managing your contact lenses is to pay attention to cleanliness. Your hands should be thoroughly clean and free of any germs or foreign substances before you handle your lenses. We recommend that you wash your hands with mild soap and rinse them thoroughly before drying with a lint-free towel. It’s best to avoid any soaps that additionally contain creams, lotions or oils as these could come into contact with your lenses.

Use your fingertips to physically handle your lenses and be careful if you have long fingernails. Contact lenses wearers should ideally manicure their nails so that they are short and smooth.

Your Lens Care Routine

We’ve listed out below further recommendations on how best to look after your contact lenses, so suggest you familiarise yourself with these basic instructions.

  • Be sure to always use fresh and unexpired lens care solution if you aren’t wearing daily disposables. You should check the expiration date.
  • For the best results, use the lens care system recommended for your specific type of lenses rather than mixing and matching. Not all solutions are suitable for all lenses.
  • It’s essential that you remove, clean, rinse, enzyme and disinfect your lenses in accordance with the schedule prescribed by your eye care professional. Don’t ever be tempted to just use saliva or put your lenses directly into your mouth. The same goes for using tap water. It’s a big no-no. It can contain all sorts of contaminants that might result in an eye infection.

Cleaning and Storing your Lenses

Always be sure to clean just one lens at a time to avoid any mix-ups. Rinse your lens thoroughly with a saline solution or a recommended disinfectant solution to remove any excess cleaning solution residue or mucus remaining on the lens surface before storing. Carefully follow the instructions provided, positioning each lens back into the chamber of your lens storage case.

You should safely store your lenses in the case provided and leave them in the disinfectant solution until you are ready to wear them again. When you do remove your lenses from their case to wear, we recommend that you empty and rinse out the storage unit before allowing it to air dry. You should periodically replace your storage case to ensure optimum handling and hygiene.

If you follow these simple procedures, you should enjoy the maximum benefits of being a contact lens wearer.

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