Back in 2011, Jennifer Egan wrote a Pulitzer Award-winning novel called A Visit from the Goon Squad. What we find most interesting is that this book, aside from being a novel with its own defined plot and direction, serves as a collection of narratives. The novel balances this complex narrative style perfectly and that is one of the reasons why this is such a great read agreed

In a nutshell, we can say that the Goon Squad is ultimately about lives – our own and those around us. It perfectly captures the fact that our life is both fleeting and whimsical, that we who we are now is not necessarily who we would eventually become. Our ideas of people, how we neatly put labels on them, may not be accurate as the people we once knew may be dead, or rather they have become someone else.

Of course, such a description may make it seem like this book is one dredged in sadness, misery, and depression. However, we assure you that it most definitely is not. It is clever, to say the least, and refreshing. So, be sure to pick it up.

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